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Hello Friends and New Members!

I am delighted to invite you to our website! Whether you have been around for a while or are brand new to our site, please take a look at this blog and see how you can participate and enjoy this community. I am posting some recent photos to help you get acquainted with some of the folks in our classes and some of our recent events.

Here are some things you can do on Rising UP!

Invite Friends: Invite friends you know to become members. Share invitations on the website (the invite button is in the box on the upper right.)  Invite friends on Facebook and Twitter too! Here's a message you can send: 

Check out Rising UP!, a website for overcomers. Make friends. Share info about life's health, joys and challenges.

Two classes come together for an ABC-TV shoot! Rising UP! folks come in all sizes, shapes and abilities!

Find Members Who Share Your Interests: To find people who share your interests, go to the Blogs tab and use the search box, inserting topics such as "arthritis" or "senior life." A list of people with similar interest will come up and you can get the conversation going. Invite them to be a friend (in the box on the left) and strike up a conversation. 

Once you are friends, you can put comments on a member's wall or you can send them a direct, private message. Share health tips and information. Would you like to hear something from the heart? Ask a question that really matters to you.

Our class celebrates Sheila (front center with orange medal) and her 4th climb to the top of the Willis Tower (130 floors). Congrats, Sheila! We're proud of you!

We're a class full of heroes! We have two stroke survivors, a cancer survivor, some folks with Parkinson's, arthritis, MS--and other stuff!--one dog and one belly dancer!  Hello happiness!

Start sharing your story. Stories are what keep us going and growing. Sometimes you just need to start, and it will flow. You may find friends on the site to give you some help and encouragement. Share with another person or on a blog.

Blog--you always wanted to try it--now is the time! Start with a topic you know personally, maybe your own story, kids, family, elder care, your personal challenges , travel--the possibilities are endless.

Sue and her beloved service dog Clancy. Clancy is our Tai Chi Class mascot!

Watch free video exercise clips--yeah, it may be time to stop putting it off and get started! You can also post your own! Here's the link: Rising UP Video Clips

Try Our Videos! We have four videos that are custom made for all abilities, with seated and standing versions of all moves. Learn more by clicking on the "Videos" tab or on the Amazon links in the sidebar.

Attach pictures. Did you do something inspiring, unique, meaningful or special for you? Others would like to know.

Offer suggestions: What would you like to do on this website, and how would you like to do it?

Post messages to Twitter and Facebook.

Much more!  Help create this website to suit your needs and interests and inspire others as well.

We welcome you to a warm, friendly, accepting community where you can be real and meet real people who are facing life with hope, courage and joy!


Anna York

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