Healing Visualizations


On this page you will find visualizations that will help you develop your ability to heal yourself and others. Meditate deeply on each image, selecting one for a single session or for a week. After viewing it for a time, see if you can close your eyes and visualize it, feel it. Notice your energetic responses, first in your own body, then in your emotions. Jot down any impressions you have about it. 

If it is an organ, meditate on the image for a while and then visualize and feel the organ in your own body, seeing yourself as whole and perfect, joyfully acknowledging the wonder of how you are made. Also seek out other images of the body and organs, using the internet or anatomy cards to practice seeing inside yourself. More images will be added.

1. Chi Field Visualizations


Source Energy, Including Spiral Galaxy Similar to the Milky Way

Approximately 94% of the Universe's is "dark energy" or "dark matter" and is unknown and invisible. 


Earth moving through space, earth core, earth magnetic field.


Click Link: Powers of 10 Video (1977)

This powerful video expands your mind to the contemplate the totality of Universal space, time and energy that is the visible aspect of the what we in Wisdom Healing Qigong call the Chi Field. This video does not show you the approximately 94% of the Universe that is invisible and unknown to us that includes dark energy and dark matter. The Chi Field includes all of this--and much more! Happy travels!  


An Astronomy Chi Field: The top picture, taken in 2013 at historic Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin, shows the University of Chicago Astronomy Faculty in the dome of the world's largest refracting telescope, built in 1897. This picture was staged as an intentional replica of a photo below of famous astronomers in the early 20th century who used the telescope. The history of astronomical equipment, knowledge and expertise represented here constitute a chi field that has been organized around the study of astronomy.


A Chinese Chi Field: Laotze Arriving at Lou Guan Tai to Write the Tao Te Ching


A Classic Christian Chi Field: Sacre Coeur in Paris


A Jewish Chi Field: The Wailing Wall of the Old Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the Temple Mount in the background. This is also a Muslim Chi Field.


An Egyptian Chi Field


Anna In the Hun Yuan Chi Field

Source Energy is around, in and through all things.


Trillions Upon Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day

The "virosphere" is an invisible and yet essential part of our living chi field. Viruses are the most abundant living entities on the planet. "If you could weigh all the living material in the oceans, 95% of it is stuff you can't see, and they are responsible for supplying half the oxygen on the planet." And we are just beginning to study the essential roles of viruses in our world.


2. Visualizations of Awaken Vitality


Spinal Bone Marrow


Hip Rotations


Bending Spine


Chen Chi

Body Visualizations

Healthline Layers of Organ Systems

This link offers an interactive visualization of the various organ systems in which you can zoom to various layers of the body with greater and lesser detail.

Other body visualizations are in the following order:

Brain and Nervous System

Heart-Circulatory System

Kidney System (Includes kidneys, skeletal system, reproductive system, bone marrow, glandular hormones)

Digestive System (Stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines)

Purification System (liver, spleen, gall bladder, lymph)

Lungs-Respiratory System

3. Brain and Nervous System



4. Heart-Circulatory System





Beating Heart Youtube Video

Another Beating Heart

How the Heart Works 3D Video

5. Kidney System

(Includes kidneys, skeletal system, reproductive system, bone marrow, glandular hormones)




Link: 2-D Interactive Kidney Graphic


White Blood Cells Video

6. Digestive System

(Includes stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines)

The Gut: Our Second Brain

A fascinating film (about 55 minutes) that demonstrates the connection of the digestive system and the brain. It posits that the enteric system is a "second brain" that influences our larger brain in profound ways, including emotions and development and control of diseases. It includes both Western and Traditional Chinese perspectives, plus research on the microbiome that shows how it affects various aspects of our behavior and "who we are." 

The most interesting part is the first 32 minutes, if you are short on time, plus the "conclusion" which begins at 53 minutes. Great stuff!

7. Purification System

(Includes liver, spleen, gall bladder, lymph)

8. Lungs-Respiratory System

9. Spinal Column




Video of Living Cells in Motion: Fabulous!

Be sure to click the link above for an insight into the remarkable processes happening inside us at all times.

A "New" Organ in the Body--The Interstitium!

Mary J. Rogel, my acupuncturist friend says that Chinese Medicine knows this new "organ" as "wei chi." Nice to know Western technology is catching up!

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