Healing Visualizations


On this page you will find visualizations that will help you develop your ability to heal yourself and others. Meditate deeply on each image, selecting one for a single session or for a week. After viewing it for a time, see if you can close your eyes and visualize it, feel it. Notice your energetic responses, first in your own body, then in your emotions. Jot down any impressions you have about it. 

If it is an organ, meditate on the image for a while and then visualize and feel the organ in your own body, seeing yourself as whole and perfect, joyfully acknowledging the wonder of how you are made. Also seek out other images of the body and organs, using the internet or anatomy cards to practice seeing inside yourself. More images will be added.

1. Chi Field Visualizations



Earth moving through space, earth core, earth magnetic field.


Click Link: Powers of 10 Video (1977)

This powerful video expands your mind to the contemplate the totality of Universal space, time and energy that is the visible aspect of the what we in Wisdom Healing Qigong call the Chi Field. This video does not show you the approximately 94% of the Universe that is invisible and unknown to us that includes dark energy and dark matter. The Chi Field includes all of this--and much more! Happy travels!  

2. Visualizations of Awaken Vitality


Spinal Bone Marrow


Hip Rotations


Bending Spine


Chen Chi

Body Visualizations

Body visualizations are in the following order:

Brain and Nervous System

Heart-Circulatory System

Kidney System (Includes kidneys, skeletal system, reproductive system, bone marrow, glandular hormones)

Digestive System (Stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines)

Purification System (liver, spleen, gall bladder, lymph)

Lungs-Respiratory System

3. Brain and Nervous System



4. Heart-Circulatory System




Beating Heart Youtube Video

Another Beating Heart

5. Kidney System

(Includes kidneys, skeletal system, reproductive system, bone marrow, glandular hormones)



6. Digestive System

(Includes stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines)

7. Purification System

(Includes liver, spleen, gall bladder, lymph)

8. Lungs-Respiratory System

9. Spinal Column



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