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Physical & Emotional Healing: Qigong Master Mingtong Gu's Best and Most Powerful Healing Session

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Important Suggestions for listening to this Healing Session: In order to receive the best benefit, you should lie down, close your eyes and listen with earphones It is best to embrace all sensations and feelings you experience with an open mind and heart. The more frequently you repeat this session, the greater the benefit you can receive. Feel free to share this Free Session with anyone you think will find it of value. During a healing session, listeners are invited into a state of deep relaxed awareness in order to move energy through a collaborative process between Master Mingtong and each listener, within the local and non-local chi field.

The healing energy transmission that flows through Master Mingtong and the chi field is connected to the energy that makes up your intention. That connection activates deep openings of energetic blockages and stimulates the awakening of aliveness in the body. This is the essence of inner medicine and the Healing Session.

You can listen to this recording as many times as you want, and its benefits will be cumulative and more powerful over time.

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