ZoneReading--Boost Reading Speed and Comprehension!

Cuts Reading Time!  Powers Up Comprehension

The Zoom has become an accepted feature of our high tech lives--It's everywhere!

Google Earth


Online Shopping

Cameras, Telescopes

Zooming allows us to move in and out to find the best way of seeing the things we need to see.

Now ZoneReading is taking that principle and applying it to reading.

In ZoneReading students learn step by step to see the big picture and then move in closer and closer for more detailed comprehension and insight. 

The Global View--Define Reading Goals & Get the Big Picture!


The Broad Survey--Capture the Overview


Finer Focus--Hone in on Structure, Key Ideas and Definitions


Details & Review--Go as deep as you need to go

ZoneReading Boosts Performance

Those students who learn the program and use it regularly typically experience the following:

  • Cut reading time by 50% or more while boosting comprehension.
  • Improve overall classroom performance by 10-20 percentage points or more within two academic quarters.
  • Improve overall classroom performance by 10-20 percentage points in two quarters.
  • Increase classroom participation.
  • Learn study habits that support all academic subjects.
  • Feel more empowered and in control of their academic performance. 

Why ZoneReading Works

Online, interactive format--allows practice while learning

Expert authors--Developed by an experienced teacher and a top instructional designer specializing in interactive, online education

Tested for over 10 years with individual students from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Piloted and used regularly in a history class at the same school

Boosts performance on test scores and overall gradepoints

For all abilities-those with learning disabilities and those headed for Harvard and Yale

Powers up all informational reading--science, history, math, business, art, journals and whole books

Identifies reading traps and pitfalls and shows students how to avoid them

Builds study skills that will take students right on into college and life careers

Great Learning Aids!

Attractive website format, inviting for students

Simple, easy-to-follow steps for each Reading Zone

Video clips for each step

Practice materials--One-page Reference, Notes Page, Wallet Card

MS Word outlining tutorial teaches a quick way to get outline, notes, key words and definitions into the computer

Built-in timer helps students track and cut the time for reading steps.

What Students Say About ZoneReading

 “I was failing my freshman history class and my teacher wanted me to drop it. I started using the ZR, learning to write outlines, take notes in the margins and be an active reader. I pulled my grade up from F to C+ by the end of the first quarter and to an A by the end of the second quarter! I am now a more independent worker, a better thinker and a more attentive student.” Sage, Senior.

 After being diagnosed with ADD in middle school and getting a not so successful start to freshmen English, I realized I needed some help with my work. I was disorganized, undisciplined and distracted, and it would be a great challenge to overcome these obstacles. I started working with Anna York and learning her reading program. I began to succeed, and that motivated me to put out my best effort and live up to my potential. Mark, Senior.

I did this program to get ready for college, and it made everything easier. I could read better and study better. My friends wondered how I was able to cut through my work so efficiently. Michelle, Freshman in College.

“Now I feel like I can do it!” (Rob, 7th grader)

 I couldn’t keep up with the reading before, but now I can. (Eric, sophomore)

What Teachers Say About ZoneReading

(History teacher who uses ZoneReading as part of curriculum)

Objective scores absolutely improved. Students averaged about 40% on objective tests at the first of the year. After using ZoneReading regularly, they were achieving 80%-100% by the end of the year.

 Fabulous! Students feel more confident and in control. They improve in both objective and writing exercises.

Because they know the information, students feel empowered to talk in class. They are able to engage in productive, constructive participation.

 Students improve in their organization of information, but, more importantly, they learn to organize their thoughts.

For More Information & References 

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