7 Tips for Using the New Creation Tai-Chi-Qigong DVD

New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong DVD 

7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Exercise

The Chi Massage (7th Day) is a great refresher every day or even more than once a day during stressful times.

One of our members has purchased the New Creation DVD and has some comments and questions that others will probably be interested in. Here they are:

"I really like the instructions you and your class provide on the DVD. They are very clear, not too fast, and very calming and strengthening. I have some questions: I am not sure how many "lessons" you recommend doing per day: I have been reviewing about 3 a day, just because I am curious, but wasn't sure if you meant for them to be practiced just one per day, or each one on a particular day of the week. Of course, I am sure I could benefit by doing each day's lesson more times, and more slowly  and thoroughly. Do most people keep watching the video, or is it better to get to the point where you do it without the video (maybe outside in a quiet place)."

These are great questions. The main thing to remember is that you are unique. You will benefit from listening to your own body and developing a practice that is good for you and that makes you happy in body, mind and spirit. That said, below are some tips to help you explore the possibilities and develop your own program. 

Please feel free to check in with me about specific issues and questions.

7-Day Healing & Rejuvenation Plan. New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong offers a wonderful structure for rejuvenating body, mind and spirit. The DVD provides a series of exercises for each of the seven days of Creation, totaling approximately 15 minutes per Creation day. 

Tip #1. One Creation Day each day of the week. Do one New Creation DVD set each day of the week, covering the entire DVD weekly:

  • Provides a consistent practice that covers the entire set of exercises regularly.
  • Easy to learn and remember
  • Works the whole body on a regular basis
  • Opens all energy channels and helps keep them open
  • Provides a balance of meditation and movement
  • Encourages you to regularly set aside a convenient time each day
  • Allows a gradual strengthening of the body for those who may begin in a weakened condition or be in the process of healing from trauma, injury or surgery
  • Allows flexibility of adding an extra 15-minute set (or more) to meet personal needs. 

Tip #2. Mix segments according to personal needs. Once you are familiar with the DVD, you may want to put together your own plan, mixing the New Creation segments--or individual exercises--according to your own personal needs and schedule. As you practice more, you will begin to know which movements you need to help you heal your body, calm your mind and a refresh your spirit. 

Tip #3. Focus on one movement per day.  One way to go more deeply into the movements is to do one full 15-minute segment and then pick one movement to be a special focus for a particular day. This approach gives you opportunity to improve your performance, strengthen particular parts of the body, and meditatively experience the nuances and benefits of the movement for your particular needs. You might choose to stay with the same 15-minute segment for the entire week, each day choosing a different movement out of the set for special focus. 

Moving the Mountain by shifting the weight backward and forward is  an excellent movement to do repeatedly for posture and strength.


Tip #4. Focus on one movement per week. Once you get deeper into the practice, you may want to focus on a single movement for an entire week. Doing this type of work has great benefits for perfecting performance, conditioning the body, and probing deeply into the body’s fine responses and changes. 

Tip #5. Focus on Meditation. The “Beginnings” section holds some of the most traditional and powerful Qigong postures and meditations. You might choose one of the standing (or sitting) movements to do for several days, for an increasing length of time each day, gradually building strength in body, mind and spirit. Begin by holding the posture for just a minute and slowly build up, doing the breathing and micro-cosmic energy movement that is found in “Rest & Rejuvenation” on the 7th Day. These meditative postures are regarded as being foundational to the practice of Qigong and as providing some of the deepest benefits. Holding the Ball (right) is one of the most ancient meditative postures.  

Tip #6. Do the movements with hand weights. Some students have found that they can significantly improve their strength by using small hand weights as they move through the various exercises. Since the exercises move all parts of the body, all parts gain strength. This approach also gives an added boost to benefits of respiration and circulation. This approach is best applied after practicing the movements for several weeks--or even months--in order to be sure your muscles are adapted and able to do the exercises without strain or stress.  

Tip #7. Chi massage daily. Do the Chi Massage (Seventh Creation Day) every day, or even twice a day during stressful times, whenever you need to get re-centered and re-oriented. The chi massage will relax and refresh you in body, mind and spirit and keep the energy channels open. 

Stay tuned for more!

Blessings, Anna



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