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For Back, Hip & Joint Pain

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Spinal Bending

Back Pain Relief, Energy & Flexibility! 

10-Minute Seated Demo 

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This Touching the Earth movement is one of the most healing movements in the New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong repertoire. Many people experience immediate back pain relief or relief from sciatica. Other amazing benefits are increased energy from the opening of the spinal column, hip joint relief and detoxification. We are encouraging people in our classes to do this every day and many report great changes. Get on board and sign up for a 100 day Gong. We'll send a chart to help you get moving! Send Anna a note at: anna@annayork.com.

Hip Circles

Relieve Stiff, Painful Hips & Joints 

10-Minute Seated Demo 

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Hip Circles gently relieve arthritic pain and tightness in hip joints and the whole pelvic area, providing greater freedom of movement, more stability, and control while walking. More flexible hips means staying more active and getting better responsiveness in preventing falls. Get involved by doing a 100-Day Gong with us--a great way to join with others who are doing the same thing. Send Anna a note at: anna@annayork.com, and I'll send you a daily chart.

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