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Tai Chi-Qigong & Fascial Fitness: Say No to Neanderthal Neck & Quasimodo Crunch!

So you just realized you have the incipient signs of the dreaded and deadly "computer slouch syndrome" that is reversing the evolution of homo sapiens and sending our once-noble human profile back to cave man status. Say hello in the mirror to homo neanderthalensis!



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Tai Chi-Qigong & Fascial Fitness: Correct Computer Slouch! (Includes YouTube Link)

Everyone who uses a computer--who doesn't these days!--is a candidate for "computer slouch," a postural habit that can cause pain, deformation and dysfunction. This blog will describe the consequences of computer slouch, discuss fascial lines involved and show how postural elements of Tai Chi & Qigong can give longterm help.

This graphic from Roy Pumphrey's website stimulates…


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Tai Chi-Qigong & Fascial Fitness: Relieve Back Pain! (Includes YouTube Link)

As we get older, many of us get up in the morning with aches and pains, feeling a little tight, feeling like we just can’t get moving.  Even worse, we might have back pain that is severe enough to be disabling. 

In this blog we will look at “Touching the Earth” as a great Qigong movement for relieving back pain by stretching the line that Thomas Myers calls “The Superficial Back Line” or SBL. Thomas Myers,*…


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