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Training Day

Anna was away in Philedelphia. on Thursday Ken Hamlet and I taught the team training and the regular class.  We had a great time and had a very enthusiastic group who were able to help perfect the basics and had a slightly different perspective about movements like flattening the back and stepping out.

I particularly liked Ken's explanation of stepping out to get into horse stance.  He said that if all the weight is not on one leg before you step out, it is really a "fall".  In order…


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A day with the help of Tai-Chi, Qigong

When I wake up each morning, I find myself doing the"Lion" for my shoulders.  They are always so stiff, especially the side I spent the most time sleeping on!  I always have to "Touch the Earth" at some point during the day - sitting and/or standing.  As I was outside waiting yesterday, I was in "Horse Stance" for about seven minutes, then I began "shifting the weight".from one side to the other.

I can stand now with my feet together, paralell, which I could never do before because my…


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Qigong for Stroke--Arm & Hand

Push Up the Sky is great for arm and hand for those with stroke.

Strong hand and arm can assist the weak side.

Elaine, who works with stroke survivors, wants to know some specific exercises that will help with the arm and hand. Here are some of my suggestions.

I have numerous stroke patients…


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I'm so excited. I ordered your DVD today. Can't wait to get started and be dancing by spring lol

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DVD: Tai Chi-Qigong for All Abilities

DVD: Tai Chi-Qigong For Walking, Balance & Strength

NEW DVD! Tai Chi-Qigong Muscle, Joint & Fascia Warm-Ups

NEW DVD: Tai Chi-Qigong Healing Your Hands

Rising UP!

Anna's Book: Rising UP! 

Tai Chi-Qigong Classes in Chicago

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