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India with a Disability: Get a Great Tour Company

Get a Great Tour Company, Not Necessarily an Expensive One!

If you have a disability, you need to get a great tour company that will fulfill you special needs, no matter how challenging they are and how exotic your…


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Disability Travel in India: The Best Exotic Grand Imperial Hotel

It's a Good Idea to Book Early!

I was a bit late in booking my hotels during the high tourist season in India, a mistake that launched us into unexpected adventure. With all the five-star hotels full, we found ourselves in the Grand Imperial Hotel in Agra for two nights while visiting…


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Exploring India's Golden Triangle with a Disability

Even though physical challenges may slow us down, a bold heart and courageous spirit can help us fulfill our dreams. I have multiple sclerosis, and I like to dream big and travel to exotic places. My husband and I recently traveled to India, a trip that originally seemed impossible since I use a cane, walk very slowly, and need a wheelchair…


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Travel to India with a Disability--Yes! You can do it!

The Most Fun I Have Ever Had!

I never wanted to go to India! I thought it would be hot and crowded and hard for me with my walking disability--especially with the weakness from an injury last year and the long,…


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Training Day

Anna was away in Philedelphia. on Thursday Ken Hamlet and I taught the team training and the regular class.  We had a great time and had a very enthusiastic group who were able to help perfect the basics and had a slightly different perspective about movements like flattening the back and stepping out.

I particularly liked Ken's explanation of stepping out to get into horse stance.  He said that if all the weight is not on one leg before you step out, it is really a "fall".  In order…


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A day with the help of Tai-Chi, Qigong

When I wake up each morning, I find myself doing the"Lion" for my shoulders.  They are always so stiff, especially the side I spent the most time sleeping on!  I always have to "Touch the Earth" at some point during the day - sitting and/or standing.  As I was outside waiting yesterday, I was in "Horse Stance" for about seven minutes, then I began "shifting the weight".from one side to the other.

I can stand now with my feet together, paralell, which I could never do before because my…


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Qigong for Stroke--Arm & Hand

Push Up the Sky is great for arm and hand for those with stroke.

Strong hand and arm can assist the weak side.

Elaine, who works with stroke survivors, wants to know some specific exercises that will help with the arm and hand. Here are some of my suggestions.

I have numerous stroke patients…


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I'm so excited. I ordered your DVD today. Can't wait to get started and be dancing by spring lol

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7 Tips for Using the New Creation Tai-Chi-Qigong DVD

New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong DVD 

7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Exercise

The Chi Massage (7th Day) is a great refresher every day or even…


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Tai Chi-Qigong for Christians--Brian's Story

  Brian Strickler is a martial arts teacher and the owner of the Tsunami Dojo in Whitehall, a small town in southeastern Ohio. He contacted me when the grandparent of one of his students told him her doctor had recommended Tai Chi classes. She wanted to know if Brian could teach it, because she and some friends with…

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Need More Time & Less Stress? Do Tai Chi-Qigong!

“If I only had a few more hours in the day!”  If this wish came true, a series of global catastrophes would immediately ensue. The Earth’s rotation would slow down, creating gigantic tidal waves worldwide, followed by floods and destruction of coastal cities. Longer days and nights would disrupt the biological cycles of all living creatures and global climate would change . . .  

Enough already!  So that’s not really what we…


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Tai Chi-Qigong for Cerebral Palsy--Mary's Story

"There is this attitude shift--a sense of myself as a strong person and presence; like I'm not a person to mess with."

Mary came into class literally glowing and looking different as she sat in her electric-powered chair.  Mary has Cerebral Palsy, and previously she was kind of scrunched down in her chair and tilted over to the side.  She…


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Tai Chi & Qigong for Parkinson's

Heaven & Earth is a great movement for Parkinson's, alternately stretching out each side of the body.

Marcella had early onset of Parkinson’s at age 42. She came to a presentation I was giving on my recovery from MS, and she…


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Tai Chi-Qigong for Heart Disease

I’m sure you know several people who have some type of heart disease. I certainly do, and I know from watching their struggles that it’s no fun. For example, my beautiful mother-in-law GG (glorious grandma), shown in the picture above, had heart trouble for many years, ultimately having a pacemaker inserted to…


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Tai Chi-Qigong for Spinal Cord Injury--Al's Story

If you can breathe, you can participate!

Al’s Story

When I was first developing a Qigong program for a rehabilitation hospital in Chicago, I discussed with the sponsoring doctor the range of conditions and abilities that could benefit from my Qigong classes. I recalled…


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