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Welcome to All "Risers"

Hello, my name is Anna York. I have recovered from severe disability caused by multiple sclerosis, a disease I have had for over 45 years. Once I was so weak I used a wheelchair and scooter. I could not stand for more than five minutes and could not even sit up straight for more than fifteen minutes. Now I am healthy and active, and, even though I still have some disability, I enjoy a vibrant life with my family and in service to others. My experience has helped me understand that each day is a gift and that my health is something I must cherish and continually nurture. 

During the years of my illness, I longed to share with others who were also struggling, to gain their wisdom and to receive encouragement to keep on rising in the face of seemingly impossible odds. This website is part of my dream to help others find community and strength to live, grow, heal and hope for a brighter future. Like I did.

This is a community for those who want to Rise UP!

  • Overcome debilitating conditions and diseases
  • Explore new—and ancient--ways of healing mind, body and spirit.
  • Empower yourself to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments!
  • Celebrate your victories!
  • Share your story with friends--and with the world!

 Rise UP! above what you think your mind, body and spirit can achieve! 

The Rising UP! Vision

My own recovery helps me envision a world where everyone has an opportunity to heal and live a healthy, fulfilling life. 

Crippled becomes whole,

Crooked becomes straight,

Empty becomes full,

Old becomes new,

Rough places become paths for the feet.

 The Bible and The Tao Te Ching, trans. By Addiss and Lombardo (adapted)

The Rising UP! Mission

Rising UP! intends to foster a spirit of hope and empowerment to search out ways we can heal and become whole in body, mind and spirit.

We will encourage:

  • Healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise and regular medical consultation
  • Well-informed, well researched health choices
  • Integrated healing and wellness, including Western medicine and complementary approaches such as massage, Asian bodywork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi-Qigong and other healing modalities
  • Sharing our stories so we can learn, grow and be inspired!

What You Can Do on This Website

Look around the website at all the resources of information and participation. There are many videos you can use free to restore your health. 

Take a look at our class options. All classes are now online, so you can participate from anywhere via Zoom. Welcome to all. 

Email Anna for more information.

Blessings to All!

Anna York


Muscle, Joint & Fascia Warm-Ups! Celebratory 75th B'Day Video Release!

Live Qigong at Chi Center!

Live Qigong 

9:30am Central Time

on CHI-TV!

Movement & Meditation with People Around the World.

Healing Circles, Inspiring Information, Connection.

(Using ZOOM & Your Webcam) 

Check the Chi Center Website for Times.


Healing Your Hands! Celebratory 75th B'Day Video Release!

DVD: Tai Chi-Qigong For Walking, Balance & Strength

Rising UP!

Anna's Book: Rising UP! 

Tai Chi-Qigong Classes in Chicago

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