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Warm-Up DVD

Testimonial By Integrative Medicine Team Member: "I work full-time in the inpatient setting of a large, acute-care hospital, and I use T’ai Chi-Qigong on a daily basis to help my patients with pain, anxiety, physical strength and coordination, and other symptoms.  I often scour the web for qigong resources for my patients that present the material in simple, accessible ways that address the needs of multiple populations.  This warm-up video presents a range of exercises that elegantly address specific issues, but is also general enough that almost anyone can benefit.  The exercises are shown in both standing and seated positions, and can easily be adapted to those unable to sit.  Anna’s instruction is clear, concise, and simple, and the generosity of her spirit shines through.

"Finally, I want to comment on the sheer beauty of this video—it is a work of art.  It is visually stunning, incorporating footage that must be seen to be believed (she flies, no kidding…).  The visual production is absolutely remarkable-- and then there is the music.  The soundtrack alone would be a joyful, relaxing journey to listen to; add that to the natural. beauty of the scenery, and I would play this in my patients’ rooms just to change the atmosphere. 

"As a healthcare provider, I’m thrilled that this labor of love will now be publicly available.  May it inspire your journey, and offer meaningful information and support along the way." CY, Minneapolis

Amazon Reviews on Walking, Balance & Strength DVD:

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on March 31, 2014
This visually stunning video gently brings you into the healing world of Tai-Chi and Qigong. The walking is an element that has been clinically proven to aid with balance and strength. The walking exercises are easy to follow and I felt rewarded with more confidence almost immediately. I had a terrible knee injury two years ago and although practicing Tai-chi, my knee was weak and I still experienced a great deal of pain. I participated in class mostly in a seated position, which continued to be very beneficial. Since following the walking exercises in this new video my knee is stronger and I am more confident walking and especially standing for longer periods of time. Anna York's uncanny ability to combine teaching and healing is a winning combination for the second time. I certainly hope that there more videos to come!
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on September 6, 2014
I had lower back problems which caused back pain and burning pain in my lower legs. This Tai Chi video, especially the "walking the ball" sequence, helped get rid of that pain, by exercising my body in a balanced way. Nothing else--physical rehab therapy, acupuncture or deep massage--was able to get rid of the pain and imbalances. My acupuncture/deep massage therapist credits Tai Chi for my improvement, and for her ability to do adjustments that were not possible before. My collapsed ankles and feet (fallen arches) are correcting themselves! Tai Chi makes you move in a balanced way, and the imbalances being correcting themselves.
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on March 19, 2014
I give this DVD 5 stars. Yesterday I got up as usual and had the daily shouting match with my adult live in son, over trivia. Having recently purchased the DVD, but not yet viewed, I popped it in the player and without looking at the menu pressed play. Before I knew it I was transported to the ocean side and the peaceful calm which New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong never fails to deliver.
My son attempted to talk to me but I was no longer there, in spirit and mind I had been removed. After a while he said to me, "Mom you need to get up in the morning doing Tai Chi, no coffee, no nothing, just Tai Chi.

I highly recommend this DVD for intermediate Tai Chi practitioners, I have been a student now for two years. The music, as well is calming, soothing and peaceful.
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on May 29, 2014
After doing exercise with the ball, I am able to turn in bed easier and move my weak leg more than before the exercise. Additionally,
my balance and elimination are improved. (smile) I had surgery for melanoma on my right little toe. Due to this, I was forced to not do exercises or take my MS meds for about 5 months during which time I fell. I was really weak. I am happy that my strength and confidence are finally being rebuilt by the ball exercises and all other Tai Chi exercises. I do all exercises in the seated position. Isn't this remarkable? Thanks, Anna. Halima M. Jabulani

Real quotes by real people!

Amazon Reviews on All Abilities DVD:

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Tai Chi works for my Fibromyalgia
on September 24, 2012
I suffer with Fibromyalgia which is chronic muscle pain. I enjoy this particulare teaching tool because the product allows me to work at a slow pace or a more acclerated pace depending on my pain level. The instructor encourages me to work within my own skill set. Anna York's own physcial limitations and challenges gives me on going belief that perserverance is the key to Success. I observe her Positive Attitude as she works through the movements and I stay encouraged to do the same. I like the style in which the DVD is broken up because it allows me to work on Specific techniques whenever I am unable to complete all seven days at one workout.This DVD is an inspriation to me as a person struggling daily with physical challenges. GREAT JOB!! Thank You Anna York, Estraleta Jones
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on October 3, 2012
This is my first real experience with this type of exercise, but now it is a something I look forward to on a regular basis, and I don't even have to leave home to do it! I really appreciate Anna's clear descriptions of the all of the movements, so it is easy for me to follow along. The music and her calm voice help to make this a relaxing experience as well as beneficial exercise. The beautiful and serene landscape pictures with Anna exercising are also helpful for me in seeing each move individually, thus helping me improve my technique. The video is easy to navigate through, so I can practice more on different areas of need.

I appreciated seeing people participating in ways that are appropriate for their physical capabilities--sitting or standing. I can definitely see the benefits for people with a variety of disabilities, and although I'm not disabled--just getting older!-- these exercises are really helping to loosen my muscles, give me more flexibility and balance as well as allowing me time for quiet meditation! I have purchased several additional copies to give to friends who will also benefit by following along with the video.

Anna's personal journey through MS to healing is quite amazing. Her book, Rising Up, was also inspiring to me, and I would recommend it as a companion to this video. You will then be able to appreciate how amazing it is that Anna has come so far herself by using this kind of exercise and anticipate your own success!
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on September 24, 2012
What I like the best about this DVD is that it comes from someone who really knows what she is talking about. We see many Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructors who teach it without having personally experienced how it has dramatically improved their health, and changed their lives forever. Anna York, on the other hand, who I think is one of the very few survivors of multiple sclerosis in the world, uses her own story to try to help others achieve that same healing, whether it is from multiple sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, or for just plain general well being; she does it in a caring, clear, graceful manner. I highly recommend this DVD to everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and level of physical mobility. As someone who uses this regularly, I can only say that it has helped me tremendously to get into, and stay with a regimen of exercises that works well for someone in her late 50s.
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on September 22, 2012
On her DVD, Anna York gently and carefully explains and demonstrates some very powerful Qi Gong exercises. She presents them with a cheerfulness and clarity that is beneficial for the beginner, or for a person with limited physical abilities. Knowing her story of self-healing from MS, I know that she is particularly committed to helping others on their journey to wellness, and this DVD is a good place to start. She a way of soothing and calming as she instructs that i particularly found helpful. Even the music was helpful! I would recommend this video (and her book "Rising Up") to anyone who is facing any serious health problems, or even to those who want to slow down and find more balance in their lives.
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on September 21, 2012
The first thing that you notice when using the New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong video is that the participants on the tape have varying degrees of fitness; some seemingly healthy, some out of shape and some apparently disabled through stroke or other diseases. This gave me the confidence to enter into a daily regimen in fifteen minute segments, part of the program structure.

I was personally able to successfully benefit from this video because of Anna York's patient and meticulous instruction which includes paying special attention to position, placement, movement and breathing, which in a less expert set of instructions would prove much more difficult.

I have experienced increased movement, balance and flexibility. This is possible because the video, when used on a daily basis, has been equally effective for me, whether sitting or standing.

Anna York's video leaves me feeling uplifted and hopeful under her caring and consistent encouragement. It is clearly a workout for those of us who are relatively healthy and I believe that it will be a revelation for anyone who experiences physical restrictions, no matter how small.

Having read her background, it is impressive to see how Anna York has worked on her own health and wellness and she is obviously committed to rigorous exercise, meditation and prayer. I cannot recommend her video, New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong, enough.
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on September 19, 2012
Anna York's DVD is fabulous! I have been struggling with diabetes for over 25 years. With each stressful event in my life or with each additional pound, my blood sugar readings were worse and my insulin levels went up. When I retired I was determined to find something to reduce stress and help create a sense of peacefulness and calmness. Anna York's DVD has made a world of difference in my life. The tape is easy to follow ( I had never done tai chi before). Anna's directions are clear and the tape clearly demonstrates the positions so you can follow along. The fiften minute modules are perfect-- you can do one or more and feel that you have completed a good sequence. The modules really are a workout; I am amazed at how much my muscles have developed from the small and controlled movements. I have also been lucky enough to take classes with Anna and I have seen incredible improvements for people with MS and strokes. The sense of calmness pervades into the other aspects of my life. I am more fit, I have lost weight, my insulin levels have gone way down and my blood sugar is now under good control. I recommend the DVR highly and enthusiastically for anyone seeking a sensible exercise routine and a sense of calmness and peace.
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on July 8, 2013
I have RA and this is a fabulous DVD!!!! It's got so many variations that there's no reason not to do the exercises. She has a very soothing voice and explains everything in great detail. I was looking for a Tai Chi DVD after my Doctor recommended it and found this on Amazon with the Qigong. A must have if you suffer from any type of auto-immune disorder or just feel like it's time to get up and move. Highly recommend it. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Trust me and must have for anyone just not seniors:)
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on April 5, 2014
I chose this particular dvd, because I am disabled and my mobility and balance are a bit impaired. The music is perfect, Anna`s voice is calm and soothing, and the Ti Chi/Qi Gong movements are perfect for me. Even if I am having a bad day and cannot stand, (due to bad hip) I can do a lot of these moves sitting down. I am spiritual, but not religious and Anna does talk about God a lot, but that is alright. I give this dvd an a++++++++. Thank you, Anna and thank you Amazon.
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on August 22, 2013
After a year long battle with brain tumors and the side effects, I was in so much pain I could barely walk. After a month of using this DVD along with THE MELT METHOD, I'm feeling better. My pain is not gone completely yet, but I know I'm on the right track. I went bowling yesterday!!

This dvd allows you to start at your level as you build up your strength.

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on September 6, 2014
For anyone who has muscle/ligament/tendon problems. It also helped lower my blood pressure and calm my general anxiety. The exercises seem gentle and easy, but they really have a big affect on the alignment of your body. They work your whole body at the same time, and they take your attention, like a sort of moving meditation.
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on May 16, 2013
I was not sure if this would help me or not, I was pleasantly surprised. This low/no impact exercise routine is great for those of us with arthritis. It has giving me more flexibility and mobility.
on February 26, 2015
I love this DVD and would suggest it to all ages.I have to admit I was skeptical when I first made my purchase as I am younger than the group shown on the front and wondered if it would benefit me. I do however suffer from pain and popping in my joints and was hopeful that it would give gentle healing and strength. I am 51 and do this DVD 3 times a week with my son who is in his late 20's who has back pain. We both love it!After your 15 min. session you immediately feel like a gentle blood flow / awakening to your body. The next day you can feel lessoning of pain. Within 3 uses my joints popped much less. My son said while he was at work he noticed less back pain and he was able to walk with a more straightened back....I just love it and would suggest it to all ages. In the video there are people of all ages just not seniors. We however do 2 sessions of 15 min. rather than just one. It seems to work better for us.
on July 27, 2015
This is a good workout plan for people of varying abilities and disabilities. Just jump right in and do what you can; in time you will improve. Some exercises are altered for those w/mobility limitations. To see how you would like this DVD, youtube has examples of this exercise plan, and many of the other exercise DVDs available on amazon.

More Testimonials!

Multiple Sclerosis

- I’ve taught yoga and done Thai Yoga Massage for thirty years, but a few years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have a lot of weakness, and my balance is poor. When I first came to Tai Chi, I was sitting most of the time, but now I’m able to stand up for most of the class. And my back was hurting, but now it doesn’t hurt any more. There’s been a real shift in my body--more energy! I can walk better, I feel more rooted, more grounded, stronger! I love yoga, but Tai Chi helps me with movement and balance.

-I have MS and am seated in a scooter quite a lot. I go to class every week. And doing the Tai Chi-Qigong DVD in between classes for 15 minutes a day keeps me toned, flexible, and feeling good!

 -I have multiple sclerosis, and I try never to miss a Tai Chi class. Otherwise, I stiffen up and can’t move.

 -I found increased mobility right after the first class, and it carried over the next day. Each one of the things I learn helps me with mobility and pain. Simple things like turning over in bed at night. I get a lot of benefits I don’t get with medication, even though I’m on one of the newest medications. I credit the Tai chi class with those things, and that’s why I come every week.

 -The DVD is really great - easy to follow, and it has been very good for calming my tremors and improving my balance. Thank you!


-I had a stroke a long time ago, in 1982. Most people think that after that long you can’t regain much function. My right arm was very stiff and the hand was tight, and all of that made my right side rigid. Now my hand is open, and I can move my arm and do a lot of things I couldn’t do before. And my gait is a lot better than it used to be. Tai Chi has been really good for me.

 -I started coming to Tai Chi because my doctor recommended it for a stroke. I have weakness on my left side, and she thought I could get some movement back. And that has happened. Before, my arm was tight to my body and now it’s a lot looser. I can move it around and lift it up. And personal hygiene is a lot easier--very important! I can hold my hands up above my head. I couldn’t do that before I started class. A new grandbaby is coming in a few months, and I’m looking forward to holding her. Class has been very inspirational and an opportunity to meet wonderful people.  Just a better attitude about everything, very positive! I love riding roller coasters and climbing mountains, and I want to do that again!

 -I had a stroke in 1982, and my doctors think it is good for me to do Tai Chi. The exercises have helped me keep going, taking care of three children. My hand was very tight, and now it is open. We do side stepping and that helps me with my balance. And taking a bath was very frustrating because I couldn’t wash my toes, but now I can bend over and do that. So it helps with the things I do every day. I’m able to lift jars out of the refrigerator and open them, which sounds like nothing, but when you can’t do it, it’s a problem. Now I can do them. It has really made a difference in my quality of life!


-Tai Chi class really helps me. You know when you get older things don’t work like they should. You don’t go for walks as much, and you don’t move around, and you have aches and pains, and your knees get stiff. I have arthritis, and I have it all over my body, but it’s more in my knees. My knee just goes out. I found out that at Tai Chi you don’t have to get up and down off the floor. I can’t keep up with some of those exercise videos. But I get a lot out of Tai Chi class. It has helped my balance and my breathing. The weight shifting is really good because it helps my knees and I’m not so likely to fall. The meditation is wonderful. It’s a marvelous thing. I get relaxed and the more calm I am, the more I can make my body do what I want it to do. It just works! I don’t get so frustrated with myself. I have friends who are having so many problems, and you have to think about what will happen. I’m so thankful I’m able to feel good.

-If you just sit and do nothing, you have aches and pains. I have arthritis, and when I’m more active I feel better and take less over-the-counter pain medicine. Tai Chi helps my arthritis. And I just enjoy it. 


-I do the New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong DVD three times a week. I love the DVD. All of the movements are good for me. It’s exercise I can do. It keeps me moving and reduces the pain from fibromyalgia.

 -I decide which movements to do on the DVD based on what my body needs on any particular day. Some days my body doesn’t cooperate, so I pick what I can do that day. The DVD has seven 15-minute segments, and my goal is to do the whole thing. Even though I may not feel good, I encourage myself.  I usually get through three or four sections, and if I do that I’m happy with myself. I give a sigh of relief and a pat on the back. I did it. What helps is consistency—repeating the movements over and over from one time to another. It trains the muscles. So even though sometimes the muscles may not be moving, they know what’s coming and they may catch on and work. And they get stronger from repetition. I’ve been doing it in the morning, but I think I’m going to try some in the evening to see if I sleep better.

 -The Tai Chi-Qigong movements loosen me up, and that protects my body from severe pain. The tighter the muscles are, the more painful they are and the harder it is to move. So Tai chi helps me loosen up. One movement is especially good—it’s the very best. That’s Touching the Earth. Whenever I’m feeling some pain, I just stop and do it, and I feel better. I do it several times a day.

 -I’d say if you have fibromyalgia, don’t quit. If you’re doing the DVD, keep going until you finish the section you are on. You may have to stop for a little bit, but then you get up and finish that section. Don’t give up and don’t quit. You will feel better.

 Back pain

-I used to have really serious back problems, and I was going to the chiropractor a couple of times a week just to try to keep my job. It was a lot of pain and stress. After I learned to do “touching the earth” at Tai Chi class, my problem was solved. I never go to the chiropractor any more. I just do Tai Chi. I feel a lot better, and it saves me a lot of money!


-As a diabetic, Tai Chi is very important. I need calm, and it reduces stress that compounds the problems of diabetes. If you are stressed, your blood pressure goes up. Tai chi helps me stay on an even keel with no ups and downs. It helps me get my problems in perspective because I can slow down and think clearly. It’s good for me because my glucose readings have come down, and I am able to be quiet with myself. It provides a consistency of exercise that I need. It makes me feel stronger, more calm, more energetic for all the possibilities a day offers.

 Active Seniors

-I have always been interested inTai Chi and how beautiful it is, and so graceful, and I just wanted to be involved in it. I’m an active senior, and I enjoy the class. Being a senior is wonderful.

 Improved Daily Activities

-Sister C.(active senior): I’m an 89-year-old nun, and I am very active. Before coming to class, I was frustrated because I could not reach down and put on my socks. Such a small thing is a big inconvenience. At the very first Tai Chi class I learned a bending over movement, and I have been able to put my socks on ever since! I’m so thankful!


-Tai Chi and Qigong are the best partners you can have as you go into retirement years. I’m getting older and starting to realize that what is important is to focus each day on the things that really matter. Tai Chi helps me slow down after years of working hard and having a lot of stress in my life. It’s a way to exercise my muscles and my entire system in a way that is healthy and positive. It’s important to be able to create a unified sense of energy. Tai Chi is ideal for people like me who want to eat, be healthy and have a consistent exercise program that is suitable for our age and condition.


-The breathing is extremely important. It is something you can carry over to the rest of your day, breathing fully and deeply. As a diabetic, there are times when you are anxious. Instead of getting into a cycle of anxiety, you calm down and practice breathing. You breathe in and out. It brings your body to a more moderate place, and you return to normal.

 Overall Health

-Tai Chi has helped me become a healthier person overall. I changed my diet and became more of a vegetarian. Not because anyone told me to but because I wanted to be healthier. Doing the slow movements and meditations helps you become calm so you can focus and tune into what your body needs. That has been an important component in stabilizing my blood sugar and opening me up to making changes. Because I can see for myself what my body needs. Doing the slow movements, I have time to explore what it means to be more connected to my body and to be able to connect to what I want to do for myself.

Invigorating exercise

-Tai Chi is an exercise that you do slowly, but it is a very vigorous workout. Afterward I feel tired but reinvigorated. It’s surprising how much exercise it provides. At the same time, it allows me to quiet my mind and focus on things that are important.

 Positive Attitude

-Doing Tai Chi is different from doing other exercise. In exercise classes at the gym, everyone is complaining about their aches and pains. At Tai Chi, all the parts are working together, and there is a sense of wellbeing. You forget about your pains. It’s not like counting to ten while lifting an iron bar.

 -At first, when you do Tai Chi and Qigong, the changes in your body and mind seem subtle, but then when you do it for a while, you realize that they are quite dramatic. You realize it has a calming effect that enables you to be grateful. It creates a sense of gratitude for who you are, where you are in life, and what is important. You start counting the pluses and forget the negatives.


-Doing the exercises forces you to concentrate on the present moment and what you are doing right now in that moment, moving and breathing. You think about what you are doing, and you don’t dwell on things that bothered you. You are thinking about the Universe and energy. You are doing the energy ball and movements that imitate things in nature, like animals and birds and clouds. It projects you into a new, positive place. Doing the meditations is like being in another zone, in a spiritual mode. Because you are seeking to find your place in the universe and balance your life in the world. You want a sense of connectedness to the world, to the universe and to people. You project inward in a peaceful way. You get energy from the Universe and from yourself. You use energy, but you get energy. It balances you and makes you feel whole.

 Rehabilitation after injury

-A few months ago I had a knee injury that was very painful and slowed me down to a snail’s pace. I have been doing Tai Chi and Qigong for several years, and during the rehabilitation, my Tai Chi experience helped me tremendously. I was accustomed to moving slowly and knew the benefits. So emotionally I was much more ready to do the slow work I had to do. I already knew how to stand and move and shift my weight in a way that would not be painful or increase my injury. That helped me stay more active overall and recover more quickly. Doing slow, meditative movement helped me tune in to what was happening in my body, even in specific muscles and tendons. It was an amazing experience! I could feel the muscles changing and feel how specific exercises helped me move better from day to day. I could also sense when a movement or exercise was not working and when I needed to make a change. Because I was moving slowly, I was able to assess calmly and clearly what was going on and what I needed to do for myself. . I had no re-injury during my rehab, and that was fantastic. As I improved, I began doing more and more Tai Chi drills that we do in class, moving slowly, smoothly and safely. That helped me regain my strength and balance. As I improved, the Tai Chi movements helped me practice turning and moving safely in many different directions, building up my muscles and increasing my stability. My rehabilitation would have taken much longer if I had not been doing Tai Chi.


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