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Motivational Speaking

"Dynamic, Heartfelt, Deeply Moving!"

Anna’s powerful story of recovery from severe disability caused by multiple sclerosis infuses inspiration into any setting in which she speaks or does presentations, including conferences, classes, trainings, seminars, in-service education and so much more.

Her audience knows she understands what it is like to search for answers and to never give up, even when things seem impossible.  

She encourages everyone to face the future with faith, hope and joy.



ABC Channel 7 Aired a News Segment on Our Tai Chi Classes, Hosted by Karen Meyer.

Anna Presented Tai Chi Demonstrations

For PBS (WYCC) Health Event 

Beverly, Fall of 2015

Anna and Ken Hamlet demonstrate Tai Chi in WYCC Kids Tent


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 Community Events




Healthcare Organizations

Support Groups


In-service training

Book Events

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Health Education for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Ambassador Events

Much more . . .



Rising UP!: Anna's Story & Book

Overcoming Impossibilities

What Are Tai Chi & Qigong?

Tai Chi & Qigong for Disabilities:Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Arthritis, Diabetes & Other Conditions

Stress Relief: Individuals, healthcare personnel, on the job

Stress relief for kids

Tai Chi & Christianity



Aphasia Day Conference

 I can’t thank you enough for  the special gift of your time and expertise at RIC Aphasia Day 2012. The Tai Chi workshops were very well received.    I really think both people with aphasia, families and professionals appreciated your sessions. Your sense of humor, easy instruction and ability to modify made your sessions so enjoyable, smooth and interesting.  You did a terrific job engaging a very varied group of participants. Rachel S. Hitch, MA CCC SLP, Research Speech Language Pathologist, RIC Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment


Seminar for Disabled Women

“Your extraordinary contribution helped to make our seminar a successful event and many have expressed the desire to see more of you in the future. . . You were able to show our guests a new way of exercising and how to relieve stress, while also being spiritually inspired. We are certain that your presentation has placed many disabled women on the right path towards better health." Rebecca K. J. Thompson, Seminar Coordinator, Women with Disabilities Center.

 Home Healthcare In-Service Training

"The feedback has been resoundingly enthusiastic, and is translating into inspiration and action beyond anything for which I had hoped. Many of the clinicians have spoken of their appreciation and pride to be working for a company that sponsors speakers with messages such as yours. My goodness, Anna, YOU even make US look good! We look forward to welcoming you back soon." Sue Clark, Senior Vice President, Apple Home Healthcare.

Stress Relief Workshop for Hospital Staff

"I could not be more pleased with the workshop and its impact upon our staff members. While you were speaking, as I heard people share their experiences and saw inner lights turning on about self-care, I thought about what a privilege it was to be able tooffer such a necessary program  and how glad I was the you were willing to come. . . Thank you for combining common sense, spiritual sensitivity, and real medical life experience into a welcoming and rejuvenating workshop." Sara Jay, Chaplain, Jackson Park Hospital 

Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups

"You inspire those with MS to never give up. Your advice on the spiritual, emotional, physical, and nutritional aspects of dealing with MS is excellent. So many who have listened to your story and advice have been deeply moved to try to improve their situations." Scott McDonald, Regional Director, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

"Anna, you were wonderful! . . . I think we had our best meeting of this season this year.  Anna, you are the perfect ambasador for MS and hope.  I feel bonded with you.  You are a very special person.  Indeed, you are a living miracle. All my love, Yolanda  (Cook County MS Support Group and National Multiple Sclerosis Society Activist)


Below you will find flyers and letters from previous engagements. Enjoy!






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