Meet the Rising UP! Logo People

I want to introduce you to the real people in the logo, who are all Rising UP! with joy and determination to overcome life's challenges. They are also your fellow class members in the new DVD entitled New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong for All Abilities. 

Yeah, I know! They look fierce! Actually they are doing the Lion's Roar, a Qigong movement to release tension in the head and jaw.

Let's get better acquainted with these great friends! (Starting on the left.)

Annette is an active senior and avid attendee of Tai Chi-Qigong class. She brought her wonderful grandson to the video shoot, and he contributed a few sneezy bloopers to the project. Annette volunteers her time to help friends and neighbors. She has a smile that lifts everyone's spirit. 

Dani and her husband Charles (tall guy in the rear) are community activist dynamos. They work tirelessly writing grants and organizing an aquaponics industry and job training program for Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. They come to Tai Chi-Qigong class and are the enthusiastic camera crew for our DVD project. If you hear some supportive expressions in the background, that's Charles, forgetting he's on microphone! Love 'em both!

Ernest is one of our star Tai Chi seniors. He is active in the community and always ready with a witty comment.

Jeff is a remarkable person any way you want to call it. He had a stroke in his teens--over 35 years ago. His tightly locked right side began to loosen up when he started Tai Chi-Qigong five years ago. Now he moves his  upper body with relative ease and does Qigong beautifully. Jeff is a disability rights activist, taking the fight for accessibility to court--and even getting arrested for demonstrating! 

Anna--I'm in the middle with my tongue sticking out. Hi!

Carmen has Parkinson's and comes to Tai Chi-Qigong class to get loosened up and stay flexible. She has an active family and is a go-getter in organizing community events.

Freddye is another active senior who has her own investment business for those in their "golden" years, in addition to other community work. She not only does Tai Chi-Qigong but also cuts a fine figure in line dancing.

Yosel has been a yoga teacher for decades and is a nationally known practitioner of Thai Yoga Bodywork. Yosel is art in motion during a healing session, truly a master of his craft.  He is fighting symptoms of multiple sclerosis and has discovered that Tai Chi-Qigong offer benefits of balance and coordination he does not get from doing yoga. 

As you can see, this is a Rising UP! crew! We all invite you to rise up and share your time and experience with us.


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