Five Hun Yuan

Five Hun Yuan Form Videos and Sources

 The Zhineng Five Hun Yuan form is the advanced Level 3 of Zhineng Qigong.

Level 1 includes Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down.

Level 2 is the Body Mind form.

Level 3 Five Hun Yuan form practice is recommended to be undertaken after some years of dedicated practice of Levels 1 and 2. While the physical movements might be learned without in-depth practice of Levels 1 and 2, the deeper, inner meditative and energy benefits require practice of Levels 1 and 2.

Movement, mudras and healing sounds

Level 3 Hun Yuan Form includes physical movements accompanied by the use of mudras and healing sounds, all of which require dedicated practice.

 Basic Source:

Dr. Pang Ming, The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science, Translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser, 1992. Available on


Thirteen sections in three major parts

Five Hun Yuan has thirteen sections, divided into three major parts.


Part I

  1. Head in the sky, feet in the earth.
  2. Open pores, points and three Gates
  3. Crane looks around, shen inward
  4. Open wings to fly


Part II

  1. Smile joyfully to strengthen the heart
  2. Arch lower back to strengthen kidneys, willpower
  3. Rotate in Hun Yuan Palace; Merge Four Organs Chi
  4. Spread arms to cover Riyue; turn eyes to strengthen the livers’ shen
  5. Extend and contract to open lungs’ chi: sorrowful and compassionate heart nourishes the corporeal soul


Part III

  1. Crane walks to exercise gracefully
  2. Move freely up and down, mind illuminates from top of head
  3. Heaven and Earth Qi return to Hun Yuan


Videos of Five Hun Yuan

I am making this list available because it is not so easy to find any videos at all of Five Hun Yuan. The first set is by Levensenergie YouTube. The video and audio is clear and easy to follow.


Dr. Pang teaching:


Dr. Pang videos are the most fascinating because they show Dr. Pang himself teaching the form in China. There is no audio, but his expressions and modeling with students is clear and beautiful. Highly recommended after watching an English version of each section (such as the Lebensenergie Youtubes) and reading the text in Dr. Pang’s Methods book.


Levensenergie Youtube –has all sections except #12



Level 3 exercise 01

Touch the Sky and Stand on Earth; Unite and Transform Qi


Level 3 exercise 02

Opening the Pores and the Three Gates


Level 3 exercise 03

Crane Looks Around Being Aware of Hun Yuan Palace


Level 3 exercise 04

Open the Wings to Fly


Level 3 exercise 05

Smile Joyfully to Strengthen Heart & Mind


Level 3 exercise 06

Arch the Waist Up and Down to Strengthen the Kidneys


Level 3 exercise 07

Rotate in Hunan Palace, Merge Four Organs Qi


Level 3 exercise 08

Spread the Arms Protect the Riyue


Level 3 exercise 09

Extend and Contract to Open the Qi of the lungs


Level 3 exercise 010

Crane Walks to Move the Body Gracefully


Level 3 exercise 11

Shake Plumes With a Peaceful Heart, Four Limbs in Harmony


Level 3 exercise 12—not available on levensenergie

Move Freely  Up and Down, Mind Illuminate from Top of Head

No Link on levensenergie for this one


Level 3 exercise 13

Entire HunYuan Qi Connecting to Heaven and Earth



Dr. Pang’s Videos Teaching Five Hun Yuan

Entire Part One with Dr. Pang, Includes Sections 1,2,3 4


Entire  Part Two with Dr. Pang, includes Sections 5,6, 7,8,9


Entire Part 3 with Dr. Pang, Includes Sections 10, 11, 12,13


Entire Part 4 with Dr. Pang (Return Inner Organs Pure Qi) Unified Form

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