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Awaken Vitality!

This Page Provides Links to Various Levels of Practice

For the Core Practice of Awaken Vitality,

as well as pictures of the various movements.

For deeper practice consider taking a full course of Awaken Vitality through the Chi Center.


Full "Awaken Vitality" Basic Practice

This video provides a full set of the basic Wisdom Healing Qigong "Awaken Vitality" practice, previously known as "Preliminary Practice." It is led by Mingtong Gu and is about 29 minutes long. Highly recommended for trying it out and getting started!


A Short Demonstration of Awaken Vitality

8 Minutes


Spinal Bone Marrow Practice

First Movement of Awaken Vitality


Another Spinal Bone Marrow Practice


Advanced Awaken Vitality

This version of Awaken Vitality is a more advanced practice that is 47:30 minutes long.


Anna York's Excellent Seated Awaken Vitality Demos

Highly Recommended;  Seated Spinal Bone Marrow & Hip Rotations

Seated Crane's Neck

Seated Spinal Bending

Seated Hip Rotations

2. Visualizations of Awaken Vitality


Spinal Bone Marrow


Hip Rotations


Bending Spine


Chen Chi

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