What Is A Chi Field?

What Is a Chi Field

In Wisdom Healing Qigong?

A Multi-Media Odyssey

by Anna York

This multi-media odyssey is an attempt to make the most fundamental concept of Wisdom Healing Qigong (Zhineng Qigong) accessible to everyone. Hopefully the many videos, links, and photos and will take you on an exciting adventure that will enrich your practice and your daily life.

The Hun Yuan Chi Field

Our odyssey begins with a diagram that depicts the beginning of the Universe with the Big Bang and proceeds through 13.5 billion years of evolution up to the time we live in now, which is represented by the "Thinker" and the state of consciousness that we now enjoy as human beings in the 21st century.

In Wisdom Healing Qigong we use the term Source Energy to describe the energy that was present before the beginning of the Universe and that brought the Universe into being. That Source Energy, which can also be called the Hun Yuan Chi Field is still present in everything.

Source Energy, Including a Spiral Galaxy Similar to the Milky Way

Approximately 94% of the Universe's is "dark energy" or "dark matter" and is unknown and invisible. This may come as close as we can imagine to the Hun Yuan Chi Field, which extends back even before the beginning of all things.

Where is the Universe Hiding its Missing Mass? Animations

Astrophysicists have acknowledged that about one-third of the mass in the Universe is "dark matter" and has been "missing" in the sense that it has been undetectable through the instruments that have been available. Now the Chandra Telescope has been able to provide some possible answers to what the dark matter is and how it is distributed in the universe. Click on the link above to see a NASA animation of some recent findings.

This depiction of the Chi Field of the Earth moving through space, includes the Earth core and magnetic field. It shows the Earth as part of the larger Chi Field of the Universe.

This image shows how the magnetic field protects the Earth by shielding it from harmful solar rays.

A growing dent in Earth's magnetic field could wreak havoc on satellites and the space station, NASA says

Magnetic north just changed. Here's what that means.

This National Geographic article describes how the dynamic internal energetic workings of the Earth can be detected and how they impact many aspects of our lives, including accuracy of GPS. The energy of the Earth is a manifestation of Hun Yuan Chi.

Article Link: Trillions Upon Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day

The "virosphere" is an invisible and yet essential part of our living chi field on the earth. Viruses are the most abundant living entities on the planet. Every day about 800 million viruses cascade onto every square meter of the planet. "If you could weigh all the living material in the oceans, 95% of it is stuff you can't see, and they are responsible for supplying half the oxygen on the planet." And we are just beginning to study the essential roles of viruses in our world. Our earthly chi field is extremely complex, and much of it is invisible to us, just as much of the cosmos is "dark" (invisible) energy and matter.

The Invisible Universe of the Human Microbiome

Continuing our look at the visible and invisible chi field all around us and inside us, this PBS animation describes the microbiome that dwells inside of all human beings and that has far more microbial cells than our bodies have. The microbiome regulates much of our internal health and bodily functions. 

The mysterious 98%: Scientists look to shine light on the 'dark genome'

We may think science has all the answers, but it often happens that the more we know, the less we know. Just as about 96% of the Universe is unknown "dark matter," our own DNA is equally mysterious. About 98% of that DNA is "non-coding," meaning we don't know what it does. In the past, some have called it "junk" DNA. We now know that the unknown 98% plays a crucial role in our genetic structure, including the expression of various human diseases. Welcome to energetic mystery of our living Chi Field!

Click Link: Powers of 10 Video (1977)

This powerful video expands your mind to the contemplate the totality of Universal space, time and energy that is the visible aspect of the what we in Wisdom Healing Qigong call the Chi Field. This video does not show you the approximately 94% of the Universe that is invisible and unknown to us that includes dark energy and dark matter. The Chi Field includes all of this--and much more! Happy travels!  

An Astronomy Chi Field: The top picture, taken in 2013 at historic Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin, shows the University of Chicago Astronomy Faculty in the dome of the world's largest refracting telescope, built in 1897. This picture was staged as an intentional replica of a photo below of famous astronomers in the early 20th century who used the telescope. The history of astronomical equipment, knowledge and expertise represented here constitute a chi field that has been organized around the study of astronomy. The fact that my husband is in this picture also links me and my family to this chi field, highlighting that we can all be part of and participate in many group chi fields as we go through life. The astronomy environment here connects in a special way with scientific efforts to understand the Hun Yuan Chi of the Universe. 

A Classic Christian Chi Field: Sacre Coeur in Paris. Notice the various saints, apostles and other figures in the picture, expanding the impact of Christianity through time and places around the world.

A Jewish and Muslim Chi Field: The Wailing Wall of the Old Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the Temple Mount in the background. This area carries dynamic chi because of its holiness and veneration by conflicting races and religions.

An Egyptian Chi Field. The first photo depicts a more  spiritual dimension of the gods, religion and culture, while the second shows the architectural wonders that still remain of the ancient civilization.

The York extended family gathered to celebrate our Golden wedding anniversary. This group has historical chi of generations that have gone before us, and there is a unique culture and energy that defines us.

Our family at Thanksgiving dinner is a smaller subset of the extended family chi field.  A lot of thought and meditation and hard work went into creating the beautiful chi of this event.

A Chinese Chi Field: Laotze Arriving at Lou Guan Tai to Write the Tao Te Ching. This photo was taken by me, Anna York, at Lou Guan Tai, at the temple to Laotze. While there, my husband and I lit candles at the temple, thus participating actively in a chi field that has been in existence at the same site for thousands of years. Translations of the Tao te Ching are among the most printed works in the world and are on my own bookshelf, extending the chi field around the world.

 This group of Wisdom Healing Qigong practitioners at the Chi Center near Santa Fe is part of the larger chi field of Zhineng Qigong and yet it has its own unique group energy.

This is a larger Wisdom Healing Qigong chi field, with Mingtong Gu and others from around the world. This group is larger than the Santa Fe group above, but it is a subgroup of the larger chi field that encompasses Dr. Pang, the Medicineless Hospital and Zhineng Qigong that originated in China and now has practitioner groups around the world.

Global Zhineng practitioners are encompassed by the larger setting of the Universe, with the infinite Source energy all around them, in them and through them. The spectacular aurora is a real photograph that conveys the awesome, fathomless wonder of the living Universe that is our home.

Anna In the Hun Yuan Chi Field

Source Energy is around, in and through all things. I, as an individual, am part of the many Chi Fields in my life, plus the Chi Field of Source energy that has been in me and through me since I first came into being. That Chi Field is "collective," including the many people and life forms that are around me. It is "accumulative," because it includes all those who have ever lived, no matter what time or place. It is "holographic," because it is all available energetically at any time and any place by whoever taps into it, as I am doing meditatively in this image.

Anna In the Wisdom Healing Chi Field

No matter where I am, I am never alone. In addition to all life all around me, I have a great assembly of wise beings who are unconditionally loving and who are available for me at all times with their wisdom, insight, guidance and blessing. They come from all times and all places throughout history, and I can thankfully enjoy their presence by opening my heart. The great news is that they are available in this way for everyone! Open your heart and discover for yourself.

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