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Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down!

This page contains various levels of practice for

Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPCD),

A foundational practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

For deeper practice consider taking a full course from the Chi Center.

Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPCD)

18 Minute Practice

Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down is a powerful Qigong practice that helps develop deep healing power for self and others. This short practice provides only the physical movements without the training, practice and visualizations that unfold its inner power. It is excellent for learning the physical movements, which, in themselves, offer an introduction to the energetics of meditation and healing. The deeper teachings require courses taught and supervised by Master Mingtong Gu. These courses can be found on www.chicenter.com.


Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPCD):

More Energy More Life

26-Minute Practice (Highly Recommended)

This beautiful basic version of the full LCUPCD practice features LinLing, Mingtong Gu's wife, in a setting ocean and sky. She models the movements while Mingtong narrates, including energetic imagery that is relaxing and energizing. This is a great daily practice for learning the basic movements. Mingtong teaches deeper details of correct postures and energetic visualizations in the LCUPCD online courses, which you can find at www.chicenter.com.


Basic LCUPCD Practice, Beginning Level

This is an excellent basic, beginning practice.


Advanced LCUPCD Practice

This is a more advanced 53-minute LCUPCD including gates and palaces.


Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPCD)

For Love and Peace

35 Minute Practice 

This 35-minute version of LCUPCD provides a loving meditation for the healing of self, others and the world. This gives a taste of greater energetic opening that can occur with continued training through the online Chi Center courses and the Wisdom Healing Qigong community.



Dr. Pang, Founder of Zhineng Qigong Doing LCUPCD

In this classic video Dr. Pang does the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down practice speaking the form in Chinese. One of the most important ways to do this practice with him is to sense and feel his calm, beautiful spirit, which will touch you deeply with repeated practice. Enjoy!

1000 Arm Buddha

This incredible dance gives expression to an advanced practice of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down in which the practitioner visualizes the body moving in different dimensions of space and time. The Thousand Arm Buddha is an ancient visualization of infinite compassion and an infinite number of hands and arms to meet the needs of all those who suffer. 

There are many statues and pictures of the 1000 Arm Buddha. Here is a still photo.

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