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On this page you will find some links, images, articles and other resources that will support you in learning to heal yourself and others. This page will be updated frequently with new information, so visit often.


WHQ Classes Chicago

With Mary Rogel & Anna York

Healing Movement and Meditation 

For Healing Ourselves and Our World

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The Chi Center Website

This includes a wealth of information on classes, sample practices you can do, testimonials and much more!


What is Qigong?

Mingtong Gu is providing the free booklet below
so that you can learn more and share freely with your friends.
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Highly Recommended!

The Healing Process is an insightful e-book

by Mingtong Gu that clearly describes the powerful, natural healing that is available through Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong. The booklet is available from the Chi Center at the following link: 

The Healing Process


How to Heal with A Light Ball

Master Mingtong Gu demonstrates the basic elements of healing with a light ball.


“100 Day Gong” – with Mingtong Gu   

The "Awaken Vitality" practice has 7 segments. Mingtong Gu demonstrates three of them in the first part of this video that would be great for a 12-minute daily gong. For a 20-minute gong, continue with the rest of the video, which has a sampling of other Wisdom Healing Qigong practices. The timing is below so you can find the various parts easily.

00:00 Hip Rotations 

05:15 Chen Chi

7:28 Spinal Bone Marrow

12:01 Kai Hui Chant for Gathering Energy

13:46 Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (Small segment), connecting with Universe

14:49 Introduction to Lachi (Basic practice for healing)

18:00 Meditation



Master Mingtong Gu's Personal Healing Story

00:00 to 13:30 Master Gu's Story & History of Chi Center


Healing Stories of Wisdom Healing Qigong

Inspiring Stories of Healing From:  

Chronic Pain and Fatigue


Depression and Hopelessness

Chronic Conditions 


Tom Loeswick's Healing of Cancer & Much More

This powerful healing story is deeply compelling. Very well done, highly recommended.


How To Heal:  

How to FOCUS Transformation and Healing Effectively

2 Hours and 3 minutes

(The first 13:30 minutes is Mingtong Gu's Personal story as above. The teaching segment begins at 13:30.)

Master Mingtong Gu gave this remarkable teaching on the last day of a healing intensive retreat that I (Anna) attended in person and Mary J. Rogel attended in an online webinar. It was extremely rich and shares the "feeling" of being in a retreat.

Subsequently, Mary J. Rogel, editor of Oriental Medicine Journal (OMJ), transcribed the entire session and published it in the Oriental Medicine Journal. 

The OMJ Issue is at this link:

A 10-Minute Summary of How to Change the World

Starting with Hugs . . .

By Master Mingtong Gu


Dr. Pang, Founder of The Medicine-less Hospital

This video shows many photos of Dr. Pang, the beloved founder of the medicine-less hospital in China and the teacher of Mingtong Gu, founder of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Dr. Pang's spirit shines through!

Dissolving a Tumor with Qigong--Actual Ultrasound

This video from China shows an actual ultrasound of Zhineng Qigong practitioners dissolving a bladder tumor. It happens right before your eyes! 

The Physiology of Tai Chi and QiGong

Feel the Chi! 

Dr. Roger Jahnke presents a beautifully animated description of what it means to "feel the chi in all of the body's systems--bones, circulatory system, respiratory system, muscles and tissues, body fluids, nervous system--and much more. About 13 minutes. Highly recommended!

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