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This page  contains various types of practice 

For Sound Healing

A Core practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong

For more extensive, deeper practice, consider doing an online Sound Healing course, which you will find on www.chicenter.com


Sound Healing: 23 Minutes

Heart, Kidney and Digestive Systems

 This set is beautiful and inspirational. It does not include the Purification System or the Respiratory System.


10-Minute Stress Relief with Spinal Bone Marrow & Heart Sounds


Sound Healing Especially for Grief and Loss:  51 minutes

This beautiful practice by Master Mingtong Gu is wonderful for these times in which all of us are experiencing grief and loss on many different levels. It is also a good general practice for doing the sounds and feeling healing deep inside every part of the body. Highly recommended.

World Tai Chi-Qigong Day: Sound Healing Practice

This is a great introduction to Sound Healing, including all sounds except brain. The timings are provided for each of the segments of this long practice. 

00:00 Introduction

10:00 Chi Field Setting

18:00 Heart Sound

26:30 Kidney System Sounds

34:00 Digestive System Sounds

41:45 Liver-Purification Sounds

47:45 Lung-Respiratory System Sounds

52:10 Haola Blessing & Meditation (All Is Well and Getting Better)


Global Sound Healing Practice: Transforming Fear to Love

1 Hour, 18 minutes

This Youtube video includes all of the Sound Healing sounds, along with deep meditations. This is classic Mingtong Gu, very deep, very healing. 


Haola!  All Is Well and Getting Better!

Practice this sound for increasing energy and lifting your spirit, no matter what the circumstances!


The Effects of Sound on Water

In this video, you see the effects on water of various sounds such as Tibetan chanting, Luciano Pavarotti singing, and other types of music. My favorites start at about 7 minutes and include the hilarious jumping of a corn starch solution. We humans are about 60% water, so imagine the effects of sounds on our bodies.


Amazing Resonance Experiment

Increasingly higher frequencies making different patterns with salt on a vibrating plate.


Sound Vibration Gives Pattern to Sand

Hans-Jenny Cymatics Video

Watch the way various frequencies of sound organize random particles of sand into beautiful patterns. Then visualize-imagine how vibrations of sound can affect the body.


Music Made Visible: DeBussy's Clair de Lune

A new technology, the Cymascope, shows the effect of sound on water and reproduces it in music and imagery, offering some insight into the power of sound (and sound healing) on our bodies. In this video, Debussy's Clair de Lune is the music that is made visible. Researchers hope to continue their work by doing experiments with the Cymascope on human blood to ascertain the healing properties of sound.



How To Listen to The Universe

This mind-boggling video from PBS describes how detecting gravitational waves helps us "listen" to the Universe. These waves travel unimpeded through the entire Universe and right through us and everything around us. Based on the work of astrophysicist Daniel Holz and the LIGO gravitational wave detector.


Whole Body Vibration Offers Clues About How Sound Healing Works

Sound is vibration. When we do sound healing the sounds vibrate throughout the entire body, including our organs. In this article in Medical News Today, researchers describe the healing effects of whole body vibration (WBV) on inflammation and the microbiome, muscle performance, bone density strength--and more. The article offers some clues to the effectiveness of sound healing in Wisdom Healing Qigong. Enjoy!


The Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration

This video describes how everything we experience is based on vibration. There are great examples of water patterns changing with different vibrations and other commentary and visuals that reveal dimensions of our experience with sound, vibration--and sound healing. 


Master Mingtong Gu Describes Sound Healing

Qigong Sound Healing Uses Your Own Voice

First, I'd like to clarify that Qigong Sound Healing uses your own voice — there's no requirement for having any kind of musical skill, special equipment, or a good singing voice.

Making the sounds using your own breath, throat, vocal cords, tongue, and mouth creates a deep inner vibrational power that overrides the busy mind, the intellectual mind, the story mind, and goes straight to the energetics deep inside all your organs, including your brain.  This results in the most powerful technology to access and transform blocked energetic patterns.

In addition, the movement of your tongue against your upper palate can activate a powerful inner energy circuit while making healing sounds.  Your intention and toning can allow healing chi to deeply penetrate into all your organs and cells.

According to Jonathan Goldman (Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics), when in a state of health, our organs and other parts of the body create a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. On the other hand, dis-ease creates a disharmonious sound pattern in the dis-eased area of the body. Goldman states, “...It is possible, through use of externally created sound that is projected into the dis-eased area, to reintroduce the correct harmonic pattern... and affect a curative reaction.Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations.”

Sound is an Energy-Body Healing Technology

​​​​​​​Our body's organs are composed of physical, emotional, and spiritual energies, the combination of which is known as the Hun Yuan Chi body.  Hun Yuan Chi is the pure, unconditional, creative energy of the universe that is all dimensional and all encompassing.

In Wisdom Healing Qigong, the Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing practice can help you amplify your ability to transcend your ordinary sense perception of your physical body, and deepen your connection with your Hun Yuan Chi energy body, where the source of dis-ease and emotional blockages can be healed effectively.

Additionally, through sound healing practices, we can learn to cultivate the following “three jewels” — which can help us shine brightly even during the most challenging of times times and harness creative energy to actualize our heart’s desire....


The Three Jewels of Sound Healing:

1. Emotional Transformation

Emotions are an incredibly powerful energy force in the human experience. They can be positive and beneficial to our health, our relationships, and our careers. And on the flip side, they can be negative and defeating. Too often, it can feel as if our minds are overwhelmed by runaway emotions we can’t seem to control.

However, from the Qigong perspective, emotions don’t originate in the mind or brain (as commonly believed in the West), but rather they are seen as an energetic experience in our organs.

And when you incorporate sacred sounds into your practice, you access the deep energy patterns within the organs, harmonizing them and creating new, healthy, and stable emotional patterns. For example, the sound we make for the kidneys can transform the emotion of fear into power and clarity in your mind-brain... which is then experienced as alertness.

2. The Energy of Creation

Everybody has the capability of receiving energy directly from the living universe. The more we access the energy of creation (Primordial Hun Yuan Chi), the more tangible and available it becomes.

Our bodies are already capable of receiving this energy directly... beyond the nervous system, beyond our five senses. We can train ourselves by using our conscious minds to connect with the frequency of this energy. This is the consciousness dimension of Qigong practice.

With sound healing practices, your conscious mind is continuously acknowledging and embracing all sensations and all feelings of the energy inside you, without any resistance, without any labels, and without any limiting stories.

3. The Heart’s Desire

In Wisdom Healing Qigong, the heart’s desire is manifested by continuously aligning with our deeper purpose. And when our pure energy flows freely — through practices such as sound healing — our heart’s desire is spontaneously realized.

Connecting with our heart’s deepest desire is a key step for healing the physical body’s organs and cells. It’s a key step for our emotional, mental, and spiritual body’s health and happiness. It’s a key step for the realization of our greatest potential, our divine blueprint, thus enabling us to make our greatest contribution to humanity.   

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