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On Our Tai Chi Class 

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See regular class information below!

Beverly Area in Chicago

Tai Chi Classes &

Wisdom Healing Qigong Classes

For All Abilities

Ongoing Classes: 

Tuesdays 11-12:15

At Immanuel United Church of Christ, 

9815 South Campbell, 

Evergreen Park, Chicago

Turn west off Western at 99th Street. 

Go west to Campbell and turn right. Church is at the end of the block.

Join us at any time.
Come to class to register.
Expect to feel better on your first day!
$10 Per Class, pay as you go.
Phone: 630-234-5532

Hyde Park-Bronzeville in Chicago

Ongoing Classes:

Thursdays, 10 - 11:00: 

Wisdom Healing Qigong Healing Circle

Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 12:15: 

Tai Chi & Wisdom Healing Qigong For All Abilities

Two Great Classes
          Back to Back!
Healing Circle
For Healing Yourself & Others
10-11 AM
Tai Chi-Qigong Class 
For Energy, Balance & Strength
Immediately after Wisdom Healing Qigong class
11 AM-12:15
in the same location.
Free-Will Offering
Suggested offering of $8 for one of the above classes.
Come to both classes for an additional $2.
That is a total of 2 1/4 hours of fabulous 
healing movement and relaxation.
This is an investment in creating your best self!
TRC Senior Village
346 E. 53rd Street

E-mail:  annasyork@gmail.com
Phone: 630-234-5532





Learn Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ)
To Boost Your Health & Happiness
Mary Rogel & Anna York
Invite You to Weekly Classes In
Wisdom Healing Qigong
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 6-8 P.M.
Please contact Anna York for Current Information
Illinois CEU Credits Available
For LAc’s & MT's
(Call 773-955-9643 For More Info)
Questions & More Information
Anna York



A Healthy, Uplifting Activity for All

Ages & Abilities!

World’s Most Popular Form of Exercise!

Qigong (Chi Kung) is the world’s most popular form of exercise! Yes, it’s true, more people in the world on any given day will be doing Qigong than aerobics, jogging, cycling or any other exercise we commonly do in the United States. Millions of people in China do Qigong and Tai Chi as part of their regular daily health regimen. 

 For All Abilities and Conditions

Classes consist of slow, gentle movements that improve strength, balance and coordination. Deep breathing, energy work, core development and self massage are all part of the class. Movements are adapted for all abilities and conditions. 

DVDs Available for Home Practice

All of Anna York's DVDs are adaptable for those of all abilities and have both seated and standing instruction. Instructions are easy, and they are fun to do!

Tai Chi-Qigong Muscle, Joint & Fascia Warm-Ups DVD

(Coming December 5, 2015)

Certified Teacher

Rev. Anna York, an certified Qigong teacher, teaches Tai Chi Tao and Qigong classes in the Chicago area, as well as doing workshops and in-service trainings in hospitals, healthcare, sports and community centers.

All ages and abilities are welcome!

Email: anna@annayork.com


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