Anna's Class Schedule

Welcome to Anna's Class Schedule

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Tai Chi-Qigong Classes 

Beverly Area Tai Chi-Qigong Classes

Hyde Park & Bronzeville Tai Chi-Qigong Classes


Wisdom Healing Qigong Classes

Wisdom Healing Qigong Classes--Hyde Park Quaker House

Wisdom Healing Qigong--Hyde Park-Bronzeville at TRC


Muscle, Joint & Fascia Warm-Ups! Celebratory 75th B'Day Video Release!

Live Qigong at Chi Center!

Live Qigong 

9:30am Central Time

on CHI-TV!

Movement & Meditation with People Around the World.

Healing Circles, Inspiring Information, Connection.

(Using ZOOM & Your Webcam) 

Check the Chi Center Website for Times.

Healing Your Hands! Celebratory 75th B'Day Video Release!

DVD: Tai Chi-Qigong For Walking, Balance & Strength

Rising UP!

Anna's Book: Rising UP! 

Tai Chi-Qigong Classes in Chicago

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